Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Wiper Card

Hi Crafty Friends,
Wow! 2 Blog entries in 2 weeks.  I'm beginning to make a habit of this, haha. I have been busy though.  I have recorded and uploaded my tutorial for how I made my wiper card.  I can't believe how supportive everyone has been.  I can't express enough how much I appreciate everyone's support.  This is quite a long tutorial so I've decided to cut out the colouring aspect and put that onto a seperate tutorial.  I am by no means any kind of an expert when it comes to colouring.  I just do what I love and if I am able to help others, then that makes me happy. 

I have also decided to share with you all my new storage system that I have put into place ready for the new Stampin' Up! year.  I knew I needed an overhaul when I prepped my area and found that I wasn't able to part with many (if any) die sets.  We currently get our dies packaged in super tough plastic envelopes that are made by Sizzix.  While these are great, they do tear over repeated use and they take up 3 times the room as my new system does. 

I not only made these little pouches, but I also labeled the dies with the name of the die set, the number of dies it contains, the name of the stamp set/s that it co-ordinates with and the year & catalogue it was first released in.  This way I am able to find the stamp set that co-ordinates with in no time at all.  I can also check back with old catalogues and see what the ideas and trends were at the time. 
I have also used this style of storage system for all my non Stampin' Up! stamp and die sets as well. 

I use a DYMO labeller to create my labels and I'm loving it.  Please share you suggestions or ideas.  As hoarders, sorry, collectors, of crafting awesomeness, finding a storage solution is almost the holy grail.


  1. Hi Tanya, Thanks for this awesome post. I had a few questions.
    What envelopes are you using for your dies and which Dymo labeller and labels are you using? Thanks so much

    1. Thanks Donna, I made all my own pouches and have created a short DIY video on my youtube channel. I use the Dymo label writer 450. It's so great and I find that there are so many uses for it. You won't regret getting a good quality label maker. X)

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    1. Thank you so much. I'm glad it was useful

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